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A little bit about me...

Louisiana boy, through and through

I was born in West Monroe, Louisiana in 1980. I've spent my whole life here, enjoying every aspect of the lifestyle, culture, food, and people. I come from a small family of humble means. My grandparents raised me, took time to teach me some of the lesser known values of life, and allowed me to follow my heart. 

I have a great passion for the audio/visual art forms. In 1995, I started out behind a video camera and audio mixing board. I developed a keen eye for capturing the moment, and I learned the art of tapping into the heart of music. I started playing the piano at the age of 15, and soon after, taught myself to play drums. I never learned to read music, but I am able to pickup on what I hear and can play just about any instrument when I put some time into it. 

Another interest of mine is photography. I've owned a camera ever since I was a little boy, taking pictures of all sorts of strangely interesting things. I remember traveling to Mississippi to see my great-grandparents and snapping photos of the silos, electrical pylons, and oil derricks along the road. 

My wife, Lara, and I got married in 2001. Our love has grown exponentially over the years. She is the single greatest thing to happen to me. She gives me love, focus, and peace. She is a true gift from God. We share a lot of the same desires and interests, but she is the one I look to when it comes to my weaknesses. She is a dear friend and an incomparable partner. I'm so proud of us!

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