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I've always felt at home behind a mixing console. Live sound reinforcement is such a fantastic thing. It's the closest you'll get to being in the band without being on the stage. As a musician, I feel as though I bring a little something extra to this role. I understand what it is that a player is looking for when they say they need this or that adjusted in their monitors. The house mix is a crucial part of making a performance stand out and impact the audience. It takes a watchful eye and a discerning ear to bring out the best in a band's show. 

ARTISTS and BANDS I've worked with...

Astro Motel

Blues Heals

Code Blue and the Flatliners

Colt Ford

Dean Z as Elvis

Dirty Word Band

Downtown Wigs

Dual Carb Disco

Equinox Jazz Orchestra

Flashback 5

Four on the Floor

Framing the Red

Garden District Grand Revival

Gin Mobsters

Hadacol Choir

Hands On

Jig the Alien

Jimmy and the 45s

Josh Love Band

Josh Madden Band


LA Legacy Jazz Orchestra

Lisa Spann and Company

Logan and the Legendries

Michael Jackson as Elvis

Six O’clock Traffic


Sweet Crude


Adam Jones (Vocalist/Trombonist)

Adam Ryland (Drummer)

Ahmad Smith (Keyboardist)

Amanda McDowell (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Asa Stone (Vocalist/Bassist)

Ashton Brooke Gill (Vocalist)

Benjamin Ford (Bassist)

Betsy Lowe Shirley (Vocalist)

Bill Boles (Bassist)

Bill Whyte (Vocalist/Guitarist)

“Tito” Bradley Duncan (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Brian Moore (Drummer)

Brian Sivils (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Briana Calhoun (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Brynna Stanley (Guitarist)

Carvel Avis (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Christopher Moravek (Saxist)

Claire Stanley (Drummer)

Corey Smith (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Dan Sumer (Guitarist)

Daniel Stanley (Bassist)

Danny Lee Witherington (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Dave Reeves (Drummer/Vocalist)

David Oliver (Bassist)

Doug Duffey (Vocalist/Pianist)

Early Ray Borden (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Eric Siereveld (Trumpeter)

Gray Risinger (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Hal Mayfield (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Ira Barger (Vocalist/Guitarist)

James Earl Simpson (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Jeff Albright (Bassist)

Jeff Hicks (Bassist/Vocalist)

Jesse Grinter (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Joe Haydel (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Joel Jordan (Vocalist/Guitarist)

John Farmer (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Jordan Sheppard (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Josh Ezell (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Keith Patterson (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Keith Williams (Drummer)

Kenneth Sanders (Bassist)

Kenny Bill Stinson (Vocalist/Pianist)

Kirby Rambin (Vocalist/Fiddler)

Lainey Wilson (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Lang Scott (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Lawrence Gibbs (Saxist)

Linda Davis (Vocalist/Keyboardist)

Mark Lane Smith (Drummer)

Mark Nadler (Vocalist/Pianist)

Marta Sanders-Cooper (Vocalist)

Mary Honeycutt (Keyboardist/Vocalist)

Mason Howard (Vocalist/Guitarist/Saxist)

Mike Martinez (Drummer)

Mike Weathersby (Guitarist)

Paul Amy (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Paul Hollis (Drummer)

Rachal Graham (Vocalist)

Richard McClain (Bassist)

Shelby McCarty (Trumpeter)

Steve Cagle (Vocalist/Keyboardist)

Steve Smith (Vocalist/Pianist)

Taylor Dayne (Vocalist)

Todd C. Martin (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Trey Sullivan (Bassist/Vocalist)

Vince Chao (Vocalist/Guitarist)

Wayne Toups (Vocalist/Guitarist)

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